Autumn Conference

August 2023

The Church of England Continuing is expected to hold a day conference on 14th October 2023 to consider the subject "The Fatherhood of God". 

The conference promises to be a blessed day as this is a glorious subject and it will be taught along biblical lines. The fact of God being Father is so plain in the Bible that it is rather "problematic" that the Archbishop of York should call it "problematic", not least because of the delusion and confusion which is rife in the multifaith world of the modern Church of England, which is now far adrift having been let loose from her 16th Century Protestant anchor, the 39 Articles of Religion.

After women's ordination was introduced, all hope of returning the Church of England to the Bible was lost. The Church of England Continuing took a deliberate decision in 1994 to form a jurisdiction outside the Church of England precisely because the Church of England had ridden roughshod over the Bible. 

To those weary of the lost battles in the Church of England, the conference at St Mary's Castle Street, Reading, led by Bishop Edward Malcolm, promises to be a breath of fresh air.

Two addresses are expected to be given: In "Our Father which art in heaven", Rev Peter Ratcliff (Wimbledon), is expected to not only call us to be clear in our theology but in this hard world, to know the blessing of being able to fervently call upon our Father in heaven. 

In a second address Rev Philip Lievesley of the Frinton congregation is expected to speak on what the Bible calls "the adoption of sons". This includes wonders as sublime as the fact that a Christian is loved by God and adopted into His family by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, through faith, and kept for an inheritance reserved in heaven. 

It is our hope and prayer that "The Fatherhood of God" conference will point the way out of this low state to something that is not only very positive but, being from the Lord our Father, is rather glorious.

All are warmly invited to attend. There is no charge and no advance registration is required.

Both speakers are involved in regular street preaching and we have found that the atmosphere in Britain has changed over the last couple of decades. While the Church of England itself is declining, many people are concerned, not only about the environment, money and politics but realise that the nation is in poor spiritual health. We preach that the answer to our confused, depressed and lost state will not be found in LGBT and feminism which are not based on reality, but only by coming to God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit! 

This is the first year we have had the Day Conference on a separate day from our General Assembly, to give us more time. So please come and join us. You are all very welcome. 

By all means download the conference flyer and share the details with friends.

We look forward to seeing you, God willing.

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The Church of England Continuing is expected to hold a day conference on 14th October 2023 to consider the subject "The Fatherhood of God". 

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On Saturday 27th May 2023 Dr David Allen gave a heartwarming address at a service of thanksgiving for the Holy Trinity congregation of the Church of England Continuing located in  Frinton upon Sea, Essex.